About “Work/Life Balance” and Fran

I’m aware that it’s important to be able to achieve a good Work/Life Balanceso I plan to provide the inspiration and information readers need. Many people are going through hard times and I want to help them handle problems effectively. I can do that by drawing on the information I’ve gathered from the books I read and business experience acquired throughout my life and on the internet these last twenty some years.

I believe the world needs people who care about one another,people who want to live a good life and help others do the same.It’s easier for me to be happy if I know that circumstances I’m able to control are contributing to the happiness of the greatest number of people!

Because working conditions and the cost of housing have changed so much over the last several years, I believe that trading skills for income on the internet presents some of the best possibilities for Work/Life balance… and skills can be learned!

Change is often difficult to accept in life. Although the consequences might be good or bad many of us have a tendency to stick to the status quo even when it makes sense to accept that life might be changing many times. On our way to become adults we go through many changes throughout our life, some of them that we didn’t expect and of course many that were welcomed.

Setting small objectives as stepping stones is very helpful

The biggest changes seem to happen when we’re content or comfortable. While there may not be scientific evidence to back this up, you should always be ready for anything that comes your way – yes really – and that might just be something very good!

This kind of goes in line with making lemonade from lemons,but … when you start to focus on change being something that could be good, opportunities might be more open to you.They might have a way of getting your attention! These opportunities may not have presented themselves had you not been receptive to the changes that occurred!

Setting small objectives as stepping stones is very helpful so I will be outlining “work/life balance ideas and goals” that could contribute to the success and well-being of visitors to this blog.

Fran 🙂